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Saymed Eyewash Station

Suitable for small workplaces and home environments, the Reliwash deluxe eye wash station from Saymed Medical features plenty of dressings and eye wash to ensure minor eye injuries can be dealt with efficiently. Plus, since the kit can be attached to a wall with ease, you can create a noticeable and convenient wash station for future eye injuries. • Deluxe eye wash station ideal for providing quick and efficient treatment to a minor eye injury • Supplied in a traditional green  or blue case with a translucent door • Can be mounted to the wall with supplied bracket • Dimensions: 245mm x 175mm x 80mm
Eye wash station contents Amount
500ml eye wash bottles 2
Eye pad dressings 2
Bracket 1

Saymed Saline Eye Wash Solution with Eye Bath 500ml

Ensure you can quickly and efficiently deal with minor eye irritations by having Saymed saline eye was on hand. Supplied in an easy to use bottle with an eye cap, this solution contains 0.9% sodium chloride and will help clean an eye that has suffered a minor irritation. • Sterile, safe and non-toxic saline eyewash • 0.9% sodium chloride content • Provided in a bottle with an eye cap for easy usage • A mandatory item according to HSE regulations

Burncare Emergency Burn Gel

Burncare™ Medical Sterile Burn Gel Packet 3.5g provides superior burn treatment to halt the progress of burn injuries. One of its big advantages over other burn treatments is the dressings don't stick to the burned wounds. Burncare Dressings are sterile and utilize a foam pad that holds the gel and keeps it in place at the wound site, and the open celled foam used in the sterile dressings, to cool the injury is Burn gel is ideal for all minor burns. For the immediate first aid treatment of burns. Burn gel rapidly cools the burn helping to prevent further tissue damage and aid the healing process and offers the patient rapid and ongoing pain relief. The main ingredients are pure water, emulsifier surfactant.

Saymed Aluminum Alloy Folding Stretcher

The folding stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof leather materials. This stretcher can be folded by lengthwise with flexible handle and outrigger. It is characterized by its being light weight, portable, easy to carry out and safe to use, etc. It is mainly used in carrying patients and wounded people for the hospitals, emergency centers and battle field. Technical Features: 1) Product size (L x W x H): 208 x 55 x 15cm 2) Folded size (L x W x H): 104 x17 x 9cm 3) Packing size (2pc/carton): 108 x 19 x 19 cm 4) N.W.:5kg    G.W.: 11kg 6) Load bearing: less than 159kg

Saymed Basket Stretcher

  • This stretcher is made with an eye on a very range of emergency situations, and it's sturdy and flexible for use in all types of aid in special situations.
  • Its reliable fittings enable first-aid personnel to operate rapidly and safely.
  • With its special sling equipment, the stretcher is ideal for lifting and transport by helicopter..
  • It has an adjustable feet-securing mechanism, safety belts and a mattress.
  • It is also designed for to be secured inside the helicopter.
  • All the materials used have dimensions suitable to work and they are fire-proof.
  • They don't release any toxic or polluting substances and they are protected to obtain high resistance to wear and corrosion.
Technical Features:
Model Product Size (L*W*H) Packing Size (L*W*H) Loading Bearing N.W G.W
SYM-6A 216*61*19cm 220*65*22cm ≤159kg 18kg 20kg

Saymed Phosphate Buffer Solution Eye Wash with Eye Bath 500ml

Following contact with acids or alkalis, it is crucial that the patient neutralise the area to avoid permanent skin or eye damage. Though water and 0.9% sodium chloride solutions are certainly viable options, this Saymed phosphate buffer solution has been formulated specifically to neutralise chemicals far faster and reduce flush time significantly. Not only does this aid the patient by reducing discomfort, but it also reduces the chance of those helping being contaminated as well. • Phosphate buffer solution for acid and alkali splashes • Reduces flush time so patient discomfort can be dealt with swiftly • Irrigation is incredibly easy as you simply squeeze the bottle to release the solution • Supplied with an eye bath for ease of use

Saymed Scoop Stretcher

  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.
  • A separately-type stretcher to transfer fractured and serious patients.
  • A hinged and joined arrangement, which is easy to set the stretcher into two parts, is set in the middle at both ends of the stretcher.
  • Strengthen the patients at original place to reduce the further hurt of the patients.
  • Put the patients in the stretcher quickly & easily.
  • Can be taken out from the back of the patient without moving the patient.
  • Adjust the length according to patients' body.
  • A narrow-frame foot structure.
  • Light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean.
  • Mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance carrying patients and wounded person.
Model Product Size (L*W*H) Folded Size (L*W*H) Packing Size (1pcs) Loading bearing N.W G.W
SYM-4A 210*44*6cm 120*44*9cm 170*46*8cm ≤159kg 8.5kg 10.2kg

Saymed Spineboard

  • Made of PE material with no discharge contaminator.
  • A must have in first-aid equipment for medical centers.
  • Can be used as a floatable device.
  • Completely translucent in X-rays and firm to wear.
  • Endurable, anti-aging, light-weighted and easy for storage.
  • Compatible with most head immobilization devices, safe belts and strap mechanisms.
  • Mainly used for safely transporting seriously injured and immobile patients.
Model Product Size (L*W*H) Packing Size (1pcs) Loadin Bearing N.W G.W
SYM-1A6A 185*45*6.5cm 187*48*8cm ≤159kg 8.2kg 10kg

Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher System

A complete solution for confined space, high angle, technical rescue, and traditional land based applications. The durable plastic litter provides protection for the patient while allowing extrication through the most demanding confined spaces. The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough Cordura® backpack (included). Sked® Stretcher becomes semi-rigid when wrapped around the patient.
  • System includes: Sked® Stretcher, Cordura® backpack/towing harness, horizontal lift slings, 30 ft PMI vertical lift line, Steel Locking D Carabiner, 6 ft tow strap
  • 4 built in handles

Skedco Sked Stretcher System w/ Cobra Buckles

The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle, and land based rescues. Provides outstanding patient protection and security. Includes the Austrian-made Skedco/Cobra side release buckles. Comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or for vertical hoisting in caves or industrial confined spaces.
  • Skedco/Cobra buckles rated at 3,000 lbs
  • Durable plastic provides patient protection
  • Stretcher rolls up for storage in a tough Cordura® backpack
  • Also includes: Horizontal Lift Slings, Tow Strap, Removable Webbing Handles, Steel Locking D Carabiner, and a Vertical Lift Sling