Key Solutions

Vertex Safety delivers complete gas detection systems designed specifically for our customer’s needs.

Our Project Management and Engineering teams work directly with you to address all of your needs from concept to completion.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each individual project and is responsible for the complete project delivery.

Our project management team provide full management of your fixed gas detection system ensuring the client is informed throughout the entire project.

Our Engineering team will design your system, incorporating technical drawings which are utilised to complete your final design before production commences.

The build is undertaken in-house to maintain the highest level of quality control, delivered within your required timescales.

Taking an empty cabinet through to a complete control or bespoke sample system, our experienced technicians deliver exceptional builds to the highest standards.

Every system is tested in our dedicated area before it leaves our facility. Witnessed testing may be undertaken and can also be replicated at your location with a Site Acceptance test.

Customer acceptance and satisfaction is our key goal whilst delivering safety systems which adhere with customer requirements and industry regulations.

From small and simple to big detection systems with complex settings

Each fixed fire and gas detection system is individual – whether you need a simple alarm system for a manageable area or a tailor-made solution with highly complex settings. Whether you have many or only a view measuring points. Whether you need to create a completely new system or whether you have to integrate the solution into existing infrastructure. Discover this brief explanation of different requirements for a fixed gas detection system and see how our experts support you in every step of the process.

Customised monitoring solutions for a vast variety of industrial applications

Each industry and each application within, has its own requirements, challenges and legal regulations. A flame and gas detection system that fits exactly to your site won’t fit to another one. This is why we don’t sell fixed gas monitoring solution off-the-peg. We start by talking about your specific requirements, that has to be considered. In this step-by-step-process you can trust the vast experience and know-how of our experts. They will design a gas detection system for you that is neither too small nor too big, but ever: reliable.

Fixed Gas Detection

No two gas warning systems are identical. Each Gas Detection Application is specific to a site and company conditions, due to potentially hazardous areas and legal regulations.

Every gas detection system which we design, build and install is bespoke based on our client’s individual requirements to ensure it offers the best possible protection.

Our portfolio of fixed gas detection systems includes an extensive range of toxic, flammable and oxygen monitors as well as multiple other gas measuring technologies.

With the right solutions and reliable equipment, the threat of explosive gas leaks or overexposure to toxic hazards can be drastically reduced.

Vertex Sales Engineers

Dependable information is needed to design gas warning systems. This is acquired by Vertex sales engineers talking to our clients, preferably on site, which allows us to…

• Assess the potential hazards present

• Discuss locations for devices, alarms and system components
• Decide on equipment selection and
• Recommend system specification and integration

We deliver support regarding a product or service which best satisfies the projects requirements in terms of technology, quality, price and delivery.

We guarantee the correct interpretation of our client’s needs whilst providing technical advice and guidance in the field of gas detection.

Our products and services include:

Toxic point gas detectors Utilising various technologies such as

  • Electrochemical
  • Infrared
  • Wireless solutions

Flammable point and Open Path gas detectors Including

  • Infrared
  • Catalytic bead
  • and Wireless technologies


Flame Detection devices including

  • Visual
  • Radiation based such as IR, UV and Triple IR

We also supply

  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  •  Control Systems
  • Bespoke Sample Systems

Our engineering team delivers complete end-to-end consulting – from design to equipment specification and installation guidance.

We have the full in-house capability to assess hazardous environments in any application.

Our highly experienced teams will keep your project on track using proactive analysis, including advanced technologies and services – such as 3D simulations, custom wireless solutions and flame/gas modelling.

Service at place

Vertex Safety offers a complete suite of on-site services to allow successful implementation and maintenance of your gas detection system


A key factor in the successful implementation of any gas detection system is the installation. Vertex Safety provides a complete integration service including all necessary cabling, mounting and other features, ready for final commissioning.


Our commissioning service ensures that your equipment is fully installed and working correctly. Our engineers provide you with the knowledge you need to be proactive and safe in maintaining your system.


Our training courses provide you with a better understanding of hazardous gas environments and the efficient use of our gas detection systems. This can be tailored for you on-site at your location, or at one of our specialist facilities.

Service and Maintenance:

Safety devices perform optimally when they are correctly calibrated and undergo regular maintenance. Our Services team includes 5 certified engineers in Turkey.

Our goal is to make your work and maintenance tasks easier, offering a wide range of additional contract options:

•    Cleaning and disinfection

•    Fit test

•    Sensor exchange

•    Remote services

•    Software update

•    Customised service reports

•    Logistic/pick up

•    Priority services and

•    Local requirements

Other services:

Although we recommend contracts for efficiency, we also offer repair and maintenance services on demand.

•    Inspection, maintenance and repair

•    Installation and commissioning

•    Spare parts service

•    Regular software maintenance and updates

•    Provisioning of loan equipment shop and

•    Servicing of non-Dräger equipment

Vertex services support our clients to ensure to optimal and safe operation of their gas detection systems.