SUMMER HAS COME WORKOUT Series is Ready Check Out Slide X-AM 8000 MULTIGAS DEDECTOR Read More ​Clearance measurement was never this easy and convenient: The Dräger X-am® 8000 measures up to seven gases, including toxic, flammable gases and vapors, and oxygen all at once — either in pump or diffusion mode. Slide PELI 9415 ZONE 0 At just 1.4kg (3 pounds) and 530 lumens, the 9415Z0 LED Lantern packs the power without the weight. Four LEDs, powered by the latest generation Ni-MH batteries illuminate a distance of 272 meters Read More


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Dräger REGARD®

Fixed Gas Detection


The Dräger REGARD® 3920 is a standalone, self contained
control system for the detection of Toxic, Oxygen and Ex
hazards. The control system is fully configurable between 1
and 16 channels, depending upon the type and quantity of
input/output boards installed.


Medical equipments

Pro Defibrillator

Life-Point Pro Biphasic External Defibrillator is a device used to
perform defibrillation for the purpose of turning abnormal ECG
rhythm into normal rhythm. When heart enters into ventricular
fibrillation, the process of returning it to its normal sinus rhythm
by giving proper amount of external electric current is called
defibrillation, and device used in giving such electric current is
called defibrillator