Yes our quotations are ex-work basis .

so we can either send you the order basis buyer’s collect , or you can deliver it from our warehouse.

In some cases if the customer does want a quotation as include shipping , cost will be added to the product and sent as “free delivery”

In our quotation , Remarks column states the stock availability of the product .

If all items in the order are in stock , delivery can be made within 1-2 business day. otherwise our after sales team will send you an email about estimated delivery dates.

Actually process starts with a request from you . our sales team will send you a quotation with all details . then if you confirm the order , our after sale team will send you an confirmation email  with estimated delivery time , ask preferred shipping method, and send you a proforma invoice .

after you made the payment and the amount is in our account , our after sales team will instruct warehouse department to prepare the order .

and it will be delivered as per the customers’ preffered shipping method.

Yes , we are  attaching a copy of the invoice to the order unless another instruction received from the customer.

if they do not want us to attach it , only voucher will be attached.

Since we use electronic invoice,  invoice will be seen by your account department instantly.

Unless otherwise provided in a written warranty statement delivered by
Vertex Safety with the Products, or on its website, or in a binding contract signed by an authorized representative of Vertex Safety, the following warranty (“Warranty”) shall apply to
purchases of Products hereunder:

Vertex Safety warrants to the original end user only that the
Product shall, for a period of time which is determined by the manufacturer of the product.

During the Warranted Period, Vertex Safety shall repair or replace, at its option, any Product, or part thereof, found to fail to meet this Warranty.

The Warranty shall not apply to any damage or failure resulting from non-compliance with the Use and Maintenance Requirements, misuse, abuse,
misapplication, improper installation, improper operation, negligence, accidental damage, mechanical, electrical, or environmental circumstances, normal wear and tear of parts, or other defects not related to workmanship or material. Any unauthorized repair, modification, or adjustment of the Product completely voids this Warranty. Expendable, disposable, and consumable parts are warranted at delivery only. Draeger extends no other

  • Please send a photograph of the item by email to
  • In case of a damaged item, please send a photograph that clearly depicts the damage.
  • In case of an incorrect delivery, please also add a photograph of the barcode and the label on the item.
  • We will get back to you as soon as we have verified the matter.
  • Should the error be attributed to us, then we can offer you either a returns label or a free return of the incorrect item(s); in countries where that is not possible, we will refund the shipping costs.
  • In the latter case, we will need a copy of the shipping invoice for the refund.

For the products in stock , you can change and cancel the order.

But if the ordered product will be ordered to the manufacturer just for you and if it is not commonly sold product , we need a confirmation from the manufacturer before we accept the cancellation.

If we ship your order via our agreed courier,

we will have a tracking number and share it with you to track it


After we receive the order, our after sales team will send you a confirmation email with a proforma invoice.

Warehouse will be instructed only after the payment is shown into our account.

Since most of our products are from european brands , our preferred currency is euro (€). but if you want to pay in  another currency , you need to contact with our account department and agree on the exchange rate for the payment currency. then you can make the payment in another currency.

AKBANK : TR54 0004 6012 7703 6000 0635 17
KUVEYT TURK : TR82 0020 5000 0938 3032 9001 02
QNB BANK : TR40 0011 1000 0000 0062 7308 52
GARANTI : TR95 0006 2000 3450 0009 0748 37
TURKIYE FINANS : TR08 0020 6002 5203 7062 0401 01
İŞ BANKASI : TR34 0006 4000 0021 2720 1177 21
VAKIFBANK : TR52 0001 5001 5804 8019 0341 09
ZİRAAT BANKASI : TR40 0001 0021 1591 8252 2950 02
AKBANK : TR83 0004 6012 7788 8000 0635 15
KUVEYT TURK : TR93 0020 5000 0938 3032 9000 01
QNB BANK : TR15 0011 1000 0000 0062 7306 23
GARANTI : TR13 0006 2000 3450 0006 2930 92
TURKIYE FINANS : TR89 0020 6002 5203 7062 0400 01
İŞ BANKASI : TR57 0006 4000 0011 2720 3265 41
VAKIFBANK : TR59 0001 5001 5800 7312 1899 41
ZİRAAT BANKASI : TR67 0001 0021 1591 8252 2950 01