One partner for high quality service

We are your Firefighting, Rescue and Safety partner who will provide solutions in case of problems. We clearly understand that long-lasting relationships are built upon mutual trust and proven reliability.

As an authorized Dräger service station; quality, knowledge and skills are the cornerstones of our customer relationships. During the past decades we have proven to be a solid and reliable partner. Over the years we have developed a clear service strategy based on the needs of our marine and offshore customers.


Our service meets the highest quality standards and is ISO9001:2000 certified. Our services are recognised by the requirements as demanded by the different Classification societies.


  • One contact point for all Firefighting, Rescue and Safety service
  • A service organization and structure dedicated to the marine and offshore world
  • 24/7 availability 365 days a year
  • Located centre of Port of Tuzla
  • Service and support for both Dräger and non-Dräger equipment
  • Clear pricing structure for all services
  • One invoice for all FRS services
  • 90 Days warranty on all services and repairs
  • Exchange equipment available during service to secure safety on board
  • Certificates will be on board before sailing
  • Copies of certifications are sent to the owners
  • Certificates 24/7 accessible via Certificate Portal, free of charge
  • Mobile workshop on board

Our services:


  • Inspection of all types fire extinguishers
  • Inspection fixed fire suppression systems
  • Repair / Refill / hydro testing
  • Spares for extinguishers & systems on stock
  • Foam sample analyses


  • Inspection of all brands and types of life rafts
  • Inspection of rescue boats & davits
  • Inspection of lifejackets & immersion suits
  • Inspection of hospital resuscitation
  • Refill / hydro testing of oxygen bottles



  • Calibration of portable gas detectors & fixed system
  • Inspection of breathing protection & EEBD’s
  • Refill / hydro testing of air cylinders
  • Inspection / repair of air compressors
  • Air purity test according to EN12021
  • Inspection of gas tight chemical suits
  • Inspection of temperature & pressure equipment
  • Inspection of UTI & MMC

Qualified maintenance

Key characteristics of our qualified maintenance are:

In a number of situations refilling is part of the mandatory maintenance schedule. To provide quality maintenance you must have the right equipment and service providers to fulfil this vital task. Our workshops are fully equipped to refill the following equipment:

  • Breathing air cylinders according to EN12021
  • Medical Oxygen cylinders up to 300bar filling pressure
  • Nitrogen bottles up to 200 bar
  • Dry powder extinguishers; ABC or AB powder
  • Fixed dry powder installation
  • CO2 extinguishers and CO2 bottles from the CO2 installation
  • Foam extinguishers; AFFF or AB fillings
  • Fixed foam installations

The basic inspection forms the heart of our services. The basic inspection contains all activities you should expect from quality maintenance. The price for the basic inspection will cover the inspection and testing of the equipment according to the applicable test procedures. It will cover the administrative activities like registration, service labels and anti-tamper tags. And finally it will cover for the certification and the issuing of the paperwork. If the equipment is in serviceable condition and no mandatory replacements are required then the basic inspection is all you pay for.

Hydraulic pressure testing is a mandatory requirement for fire extinguishers, CO2 installations and breathing air or oxygen cylinders. Performing a correct hydrostatic test requires the right equipment and the technicians who are skilled in performing in its use. Our technicians and equipment live up to these expectations. We are able to hydrostatically test all equipment promptly in combination with our refilling capacity without causing delay in your normal port schedule.

A key component of providing quality maintenance is the ability to affect repairs. Our technicians are trained to fulfil this challenge. To support our customers our personnel are qualified fire technicians, trained breathing protection and gas detection experts and educated in the service on lifesaving products. In combination with our large spare part stock and the ability to supply replacement products from our marine warehouse; we ensures that we are can repair your fire fighting, rescue and safety equipment promptly and on a level you should expect from a quality maintenance provider.

As evidence of our high quality we offer a unique warranty on service. On all of our service and repairs we provide warranty of 90 days subject to terms and conditions. On new products we will provide a limited warranty of 12 months.