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Dräger Flame 2000 (IR)

With its highly sensitive IR sensor the Dräger Flame 2000 detects hydrocarbon-based fires. It offers high reliability against false alarms.

Dräger Flame 2100 (UV)

A short response time and high reliability against false alarms are the features of the Dräger Flame 2100. Its UV sensor is quick to detect hydrocarbon- or hydrogen-based fires.

Dräger Flame 2350 (UV/IR)

The Dräger Flame 2350 combines UV and IR sensors for the detection of hydrocarbon-based fires. This combination of sensors offers you more security and fewer false alarms.

Dräger Flame 2500 (IR3)

With its triple IR sensor The Dräger Flame 2500 detects hydrocarbon-based fires even over greater distances. Moreover, it offers a high reliability against false alarms.

Dräger Flame 2570 (UFI)

​Extreme short response time and high reliablility against false alarms characterise the Dräger Flame 2570. The ultra fast triple IR flame detector detects hydrocarbon based fire to distance of up to 90 metres.

Dräger Flame 2700 (Multi-IR)

With its multichannel IR sensor the Dräger Flame 2700 detects hydrocarbon- and hydrogen-based fires. Thereby it offers a high reliability against false alarms.

Dräger Flame 3000

The Dräger Flame 3000 is an imaging based explosion proof flame detector. This visual flame detection system uses digital image processing and advanced algorithms to process and interpret flame characteristics. This principle offers an extended field of

Dräger Flame 5000

The Dräger Flame 5000 is an explosion proof colour imaging based flame detector. Each detector operates standalone and incorporates, within a single unit, an integrated CCTV system; digital signal processing and software algorithms to process live video

Spectrex SharpEye™ 20/20MI IR3

The Spectrex SharpEye™ 20/20MI is a triple IR (IR3) flame detector in a rugged stainless steel housing. Due to its compact size it is very useful in applications in small and tight areas, eg. windmills or turbine enclosures.

The SharpEye™ 20/20 MPI IR3

At airports, railway stations and shopping centres, in hospitals or offices: The SharpEye™ 20/20 MPI IR3 compact flame detector provides reliable monitoring of large indoor areas as part of a fire protection system.