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KwikSense Smart Digital Gas Transmitter

KwikSense series digital gas transmitter is a field mountable device suitable for the detection and continuous monitoring of hazardous gases at industrial locations. It provides an RS-485 MODBUS-RTU digital output signal that can be connected to any suitable control system viz. Uniphos controller, DCS, PLC, etc. It also provides an industry standard 4-20 mA analog output. The KwikSense is available for a large number of toxic and flammable gases viz. CO, H2S, SO2, Cl2, NH3, HCN, HCl, NO2, CH4 (%LEL), etc. Features
  •  Plug & Play Smart Sensor Technology
  •  8x2 backlit alphanumeric LCD display
  •  Non-intrusive calibration using magnetic wand
  •  Tricolor LED for alarm indications
  •  Fully configurable on-board potential free relay contact
  •  Industry standard 4-20mA analog signal output (soft tunable)
  •  3x inbuilt 3 potential free relay contacts (optional)
  •  Input (24V) voltage monitoring and its status prompting on display
  •  Cable fault detection and 4-20mA output signal disable
  •  Inbuilt ambient temperature sensor
  •  User settable alarm set-points
  •  Provision to mute relay output
  •  Self testing of alarm LEDs and relays
  •  Indication for no sensor, over-range, baseline drift
  •  Digital communication by RS 485
  •  CIMFR/ PESO/ ATEX certified to Exd IIC T6, IP66
Application Areas

It is useful for the air monitoring at work place & confined space in Industries like:

  •  Refineries
  •  Cylinder storage yards
  •  Oil and gas industries
  •  Steel industries
  •  Chemical and fertilizer plants
  •  Pharmaceutical plants
  •  Power Industrie

KwikDraw Tubes

The combination of KWIK-DRAW™ detector tubes and pumps offers a quick yet precise measuring system to detect hazardous gases and vapours. The filling material in detector tubes is calibrated and adjusted to the required test gas and will change colour if this gas is present. The length of this discoloration indicates the concentration of the hazardous gas or vapour and can be measured by a printed scale on most of the tubes.

10015366-Sampling Hose for Kwik-Draw Deluxe detector tube pump -15 mtr

10015366-Sampling Hose for Kwik-Draw Deluxe detector tube pump -15 mtr

D7095867-Sampling Hose for Kwik-Draw Deluxe detector tube pump -23 mtr

D7095867-Sampling Hose for Kwik-Draw Deluxe detector tube pump -23 mtr

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes KwikDraw PH3 Gas Detection Tubes

For the spot checking of PH3 in and around fumigated space  PH3 detection in several measurement range  To be used

KwikDraw MBr Gas Detection Tubes

It comes with an inbuilt sample draw pump and data logging facility with sample identity and date-time stamp. It has two models

  • For spot checking of MBr in and around the fumigated space
  •  To be used with the Kwik-Draw Air Sampling Pump
  •  Ranges: 2 - 100 ppm, 200-8000 ppm