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Dräger ERS-Chamber

Dräger Engineered Refuge Solutions (ERS) provide a safe haven for miners in emergency situations. The engineered chamber solution is fully customized to the individual mine requirements. It can be adapted to the mine conditions, mine emergency plan, and

Dräger ESS II

If hazardous gases are present in the ambient air, the Dräger fresh air system will provide the occupants in the sealed cabin of your security vehicle with breathing air within seconds. At the same time the system generates positive pressure in the cabin preventing tear gas or other harmful particulates and gaseous substances from penetrating into the vehicle‘s interior.

H2S – offshore & onshore protection solutions

Using the latest technology for breathable air, the Dräger rescue systems offer protection in hazardous working areas such as oil & gas fields where H2S is a risk.

Refuge Chamber for Tunneling

As with any underground environment, personnel require a place they can go to during an emergency scenario where respiratory or physical protection is provided e.g. in the event of a release of toxic gas/smoke, the exit route(s) is blocked.