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Dräger DiveSorb® Pro

The Dräger DiveSorb® Pro was developed specifically for closed or semi-closed rebreathers in order to allow a high degree of CO2 absorption, and thus long dive times.

Dräger diving accessories

Versatile, personal diving equipment which can be adapted to individual requirements: for instance, suit, fins, sonar and other accessories required by the diver.

Dräger FGT 5400

The Dräger FGT 5400 MCM diving apparatus is designed with the experience of proven apparatus for military applications. In the standard operating mode Dräger FGT 5400 uses premixed gases, e. g. NATO mixtures “B”, “C”, or “D”. The magnetic signature of

Dräger LAR 5010

LAR 5010 is a closed-circuit diving apparatus for special operations diving. Optionally, the apparatus can be supplied with Nitrox B to enable diving depths of 24 m. LAR 5010 offers the additional option to be back-carried.

Dräger LAR 8000

​The Dräger LAR 8000 is a rebreather for tactical diving that can be used in a closed circuit (CCR) or, for greater depths, in a semi-closed circuit (SCR). The non-magnetic rebreather is especially impressive due to its minimal breathing resistance, extremely robust design and very easy handling.

Dräger OxyTest 2000

The Dräger Oxytest 2000 can determine the oxygen content of breathing air and oxygen mixtures, such as nitrox. This mobile testing system is indispensable, especially for professional diving applications.

Dräger PN Dive Full-face mask

The Panorama Nova Dive is based on a tried and tested mask body. Together with the 5-point harness it provides an excellent, tight fit.

Dräger PSS Dive EN

This is a Draeger product information page about the Dräger PSS Dive EN. The PSS® Dive is a professional diving apparatus with integrated pockets for weights, easy to configure for 1 or 2 cylinders, with demand valve or full-face mask.

Dräger RBD 5000

​The RBD 5000 is a modular carrying system for military closed-circuit diving apparatus. It serves as an all-in-one buoyancy, body protection and emergency ascent system. For personal ballistic protection, the carrying system can be detached from the plate carrier, making boarding significantly easier.

Dräger Secor 7000

​The diving regulator Dräger Secor 7000 was developed for the professional diver. The medium pressure hose can be attached to either side of the 2nd stage to ensure diver comfort. The Secor 7000 integrates perfectly with the Panorama Nova Dive full-face mask. The complete pneumatics can be individually configured by the diver.