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CARGOMASTER® Tank monitoring

  • Monitoring all tanks and lines for ullage/level, volume, cargo density and pressure, tank temperature etc.
  • Full scope of supply of instrumentation and software from one source, including engineering and documentation through to commissioning
  • Optional integration into other systems

EcoMATE™ Bunker verification

  • For verification of bunker fuel quantities received through the bunkering line
  • Enables data acquisition and logging, calculation and monitoring of bunkering operations
  • Utilises the high accuracy mass flow measurement available from OPTIMASS bunker meters
  • Allows checking of the fuel supplier delivery notes and the fuel oil costs billed

EcoMATE™ Cloud

  • Centralised web reporting tool for vessels running the EcoMATE™ system
  • Automatic transmission of data to shore for fleet reporting and monitoring
  • Safe access to actual measured data from vessels
  • Easy download and analysis of fleet reporting and monitoring data

EcoMATE™ Fuel Consumption

  • Continuous measurement and reporting of fuel consumption on board ships
  • High accuracy flow readings from OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Benchmarking and comparison of performance
  • Fulfils the upcoming requirements from IMO and other authorities

EcoMATE™ MRV & IMO DCS Emission monitoring

  • For carbon emission monitoring, calculation and reporting
  • Certified according to EU regulation 2015/757 and MARPOL ANNEX VI
  • Provides accurate data for increased efficiency and reduced emissions (e.g. CO2)