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Product discontinued

Database for all SMARTPAT PH sensors

  • Storage function for configuration and calibration data
  • Handling of sensor data during offline calibration and configuration
  • With module for statistical analysis of historical data
  • With PACTware™ software philosophy

SD 200

Multiparameter indicator for analytical and other parameters

  • Loop powered, 4…20 mA, with signal calibration feature (passive), HART® 7
  • Indication of multiple units (analytical values, temperature, pressure etc.)
  • With LCD display for wall or rack mount
  • Power supply: 15…30 VDC (loop powered), 2 V voltage drop


USB interface cable for offline calibration and configuration of SMARTPAT sensors

  • For direct communication between a 2-wire or passive 4…20 mA HART® device and a PC
  • With PACTware™ FDT/DTMs for each parameter
  • Different adapter cables available
  • No external power supply required

SJB 200

Junction box for connecting SMARTPAT to HART® devices

  • Internal connection: Connecting terminals for HART® handhelds
  • External connection: M12 connector
  • With die-cast aluminium housing (IP66)
  • -40…+65°C / -40…+149°F (ambient)