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Dräger PointGard 2100

​The Dräger PointGard 2100 series is a self-contained gas detection system for the continuous area monitoring of toxic gases in ambient air. PointGard 2100’s rugged, water-resistant housing comes complete with a horn and strobes, a built-in power supply, and reliable DrägerSensor®.

Dräger Polytron® 3000

The Dräger Polytron® 3000 is an intrinsically safe gas detector for the continuous monitoring of more than 60 toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air. It is the part of a new generation of gas detectors developed on a modular platform. Communication to the

Dräger Polytron® 5100 EC

The Dräger Polytron® 5100 EC is a cost-effective explosion-proof transmitter for the detection of toxic gases or oxygen in standard applications. It uses a high performance plug-and-play electrochemical DrägerSensor® to detect a specific gas. A 2- or 3-wire 4 to 20 mA output with relays makes it compatible with most control systems.

Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

The Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL is a wireless transmitter for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen. The instrinsically safe and SIL2-rated transmitter features completely wireless signal transmission and power supply. The internal battery pack allows the transmitter to operate continually for up to 24 month. This makes the Polytron a flexible and cost efficient solution for plant expansions, upgrades or new installations.

Dräger Polytron® 7000

The Dräger Polytron® 7000 is a gas detector that can satisfy all toxic and oxygen gas measurement applications on a single platform. It is meeting the requirements of the compliance market as well as the high specification requirements of customized

Dräger Polytron® 8100 EC

The Polytron® 8100 EC is Dräger’s top of the line explosion-proof transmitter for the detection of toxic gases or oxygen. It uses a high performance plug and play electrochemical DrägerSensor to detect a specific gas. Besides having a 3-wire 4 to 20 mA analog output with relays, it also offers HART®, Modbus and Fieldbus protocol, making it compatible with most control systems.

Dräger Polytron® A500

​The Dräger Polytron® A500 is a transmitter for long-term measurement of ammonia in high humidity. The heated convection cap protects the electrochemical DrägerSensor® NH3 FL against external influences and ensures a continuous NH3 measurement under the special conditions of air scrubbers.

Dräger Polytron® C300

​The Dräger Polytron® C300 is a sensing head specifically designed for permanently capturing the ammonia concentration in livestock environments. The integrated DrägerSensor® NH3-AL is the only electrochemical sensor for continuous long-term ammonia measurement under the harsh conditions in animal houses.

Dräger VarioGard 3000 EC Transmitter

Stationary gas warning system