Dräger DCD 5000

Simple, fast and secure detection of intoxicants and drugs: The Dräger DCD 5000 does not only enable an easy collection of saliva (oral fluid), you can also store the samples and send them to the laboratory for analysis – without the sample being falsified along the way.

Dräger DrugCheck® 3000

Use the Dräger DrugCheck® 3000 to find out within minutes if a person recently consumed certain drugs. The compact and quick saliva (oral fluid) based drug test yields reliable results affordably and easily. The non-invasive drug test kit does not require electricity and can therefore be used anywhere.

Dräger DrugTest 5000

No pipetting, no drips, no timing: With the Dräger DrugTest 5000, a drug test is carried out simply and quickly. The collected saliva sample can be analyzed immediately - for accurate results on the spot.