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Dräger FS-5000

The Dräger FS-5000 is used to simulate the presence of fire or flames to test the correct operation of the Dräger Flame 5000 CCTV Detector.

Dräger PEX 1000

The Dräger PEX 1000 is a converter module that converts the mV signals of the Dräger Polytron® SE Ex DQ sensing heads into mA signals and sends them to a control unit like the Dräger REGARD® 2410. Together with the Dräger Polytron® SE Ex DQ, the PEX 1000 fulfils the conditions set down for primary explosion protection.

Dräger PSD 3000

The Dräger PSD 3000 is a sampling unit for continuous sampling of gas and air mixtures. Combined with Dräger Gas Detectors, the Dräger PSD 3000 serves as a sampling system for gas monitoring purposes. The internal vibrating diaphragm pump has a superior

Dräger RVP 3900 Visualization panel

The Dräger RVP 3900 is a high resolution 8,4" Touchpanel for central visualisation and data processing of gas concentration from the central units: Dräger REGARD 3900 and Dräger REGARD 3910.

Dräger RVP 7000

​Dräger RVP 7000 is a visualisation panel for data management and graphical representation of your Dräger REGARD® 7000 control system. Tables, alarm messages and icons provide an overview of measured values, and the statuses of gas warning systems. The panel is simple to operate using touch functions and gesture commands.

Dräger VarioGard Relay Module

​The Dräger VarioGard® Relay Module is a module of the Dräger VarioGard® gas warning system. It can be installed at any point within a bus system, allowing on site activation of fans, warning signs and other actuators.

Dräger VarioGard® Converter Module

VarioGard modules support your VarioGard system for more flexibility and safety.

Dräger VVP 1000

The Dräger VVP 1000 is a 10" touch panel that provides a clear and simple display of all data from your Dräger VarioGard® gas detector.

VarioGard Battery Module

VarioGard modules support your VarioGard system for more flexibility and safety.