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Evolve LTE Handheld

For those needing a mission and business critical data device that is truly adaptable for your network needs today and tomorrow, and require frequent, rich, instant communication, the Evolve LTE handheld combines the capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a push-to-talk device across 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi with dual SIM capacity. 

Product highlights:

  • Rugged IP68 device with glove-operable and liquid-resistant touch screen
  • Multi-shift energy solution with quick-changing batteries and multiple battery options
  • CBRS private LTE and Wi-Fi data and voice
  • Dedicated push-to-talk device with MOTOTRBO voice interoperability
  • Android platform with open app ecosystem

LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device

The LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device is designed with first responders in mind. Every feature and function is thoughtfully considered in this rugged device to make it easy to operate. It boasts loud and clear audio, intuitive operation, and long battery life.

Rugged and durable yet streamlined and slim, you can count on the LEX L11 to perform when it’s needed most.